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Grumpy Dingo Radio Batanga Cocktail

The Batanga Cocktail was created by legendary bartender Don Javier in Tequila, Mexico in 1961. It was a very good year...and it was a very good cocktail. Don was known for ritualistically stirring all of his cocktails with a knife. No doubt about it, the guy knew how to cut through all the clutter and deliver a fantastic drink.


2 ounces of Tequila

1/2 ounce of fresh lime juice

A dash of sea salt

Coca Cola


  • In a tall glass filled with ice, add the Tequila, lime juice and salt.

  • Stir (with a knife)...Don Javier would be proud.

  • Top up with Coca Cola. The Real Thing.

  • Garnish with a lime wedge.

  • If you wish, salt the rim.

  • Enjoy and toast to Don Javier!!

The Grumpy Dingo Radio Batanga Cocktail

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