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The Grumpy Dingo Radio Bourbon Rosemary Sour

The Bourbon Sour is a very tasty cocktail. The Bourbon Rosemary Sour takes that tastiness to another level. It's sophisticated without being pretentious. So throw your pinkies in the air like you just don't care and let's get mixin'!


2 parts bourbon

1 part lemon juice

1 part rosemary simple syrup. (Easy to make. Click here and do it!)


  • Add the bourbon, lemon juice and rosemary simply syrup into a shaker with ice.

  • Shake the ingredients.

  • Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice.

  • Garnish with a rosemary sprig and a lemon wheel.

  • Sip. Enjoy. Take a nap.

The Grumpy Dingo Radio Bourbon Rosemary Sour

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