The Grumpy Dingo Radio Electric Shark Cocktail

It doesn't need to be Shark Week to enjoy an Electric Shark Cocktail. Whether you've come to this party via Jaws, The Deep, Sharknado or even Finding Nemo, the Electric Shark entertains, terrifies and satisfies. Plus, you won't have your leg bitten off. At least, we hope you won't.


1 oz. Rum 2 oz. Blue Curacao 4 oz. Pineapple Juice Ginger Beer to top off

Pineapple leaf for garnish


  • Combine the Rum, Blue Curacao & Pineapple Juice in a shaker with ice.

  • you're trying to swim away from a Great White Shark.

  • Strain into a highball glass.

  • Top with Ginger Beer.

  • Garnish with a Pineapple leaf.

Grumpy Ding Radio Electric Shark

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