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The Grumpy Dingo Radio Kentucky Sunrise

First of all, just because 'sunrise' is in the name, that doesn't make this a 'breakfast cocktail', okay? Please drink responsibly.

The Kentucky Sunrise is surprisingly refreshing, considering that bourbon is the main spirit. And just like a real Kentucky sunrise, it'll sneak up on you. So let's get mixin' and take in the sunrise...


1/2 part Grenadine

1 part Kentucky Bourbon

3 parts Orange Juice

Maraschino Cherries for garnish


  • Fill a highball glass with ice.

  • Add the grenadine.

  • Add the bourbon.

  • Add the orange juice.

  • Garnish with cherries.

  • Sip, enjoy & use the phrase "I do declare" a lot.

Grumpy Dingo Radio Kentucky Sunrise

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