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The Grumpy Dingo Radio Strawberry Smash Cocktail

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Who doesn't love to smash things? Sure, it's destructive but when it leads to a delicious cocktail, it's beautiful. The Strawberry Smash Cocktail is a delightful blend of fruit and alcohol...perfect for the warmer weather, but equally pleasing all year long. Are you ready to start smashing??


2 ounces of Vodka

1 ounce of Cranberry Juice

1/2 of a lime, peeled and quartered

4 strawberries (one for garnish)

3 teaspoons of sugar


  • Muddle the strawberries, sugar & lime in a shaker.

  • Add ice.

  • Add Vodka & Cranberry Juice.

  • Shake!!!!

  • Sugar the rim of a highball glass.

  • Strain mixture over fresh ice and garnish with a strawberry.

Grumpy Dingo Radio Strawberry Smash


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