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The Grumpy Dingo Radio Tequila Sunset

The Tequila Sunrise cocktail was first created in Phoenix, Arizona in the 1930's & finally soared to popularity in the 1970's. The Tequila Sunset is a tasty variation of the original cocktail...and a little more potent, so it's a good end-of-the-day drink. Put on your sunglasses and let's get mixin'.


2 parts Tequila

1 part Blackberry Brandy

Orange Juice to fill

Orange slice or wheel


  • Fill a tall glass with ice.

  • Add the Tequila.

  • Add the Orange Juice, but save a little room...

  • Stir.

  • Swirl in the Blackberry Brandy.

  • Garnish with an Orange wheel or slice.

  • Drink the sunset!

Grumpy Dingo Radio Tequila Sunset

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