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The Grumpy Dingo Radio Tom Collins

Updated: Mar 31

I'm Kenny The Bartender from the Grumpy Dingo Radio Cocktail Emporium, urging you to be on the lookout for Tom Collins. Much like Barnabas Collins, he's been around forever, he's smooth and he's handy with the ladies. It's the trifecta for vampires...and cocktails. Let's get mixin' this classic cocktail!


2 ounces of Gin

2 ounces of Sweet & Sour MixClub Soda to top off

Orange Slice and Maraschino Cherry for garnish


Pour the Gin and Sweet & Sour Mix into a shaker with ice.


Strain into a Collins glass with fresh ice.

Top off with Club Soda

Garnish with an orange slice & a maraschino cherry.


Grumpy Dingo Radio Tom Collins

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