The Grumpy Dingo Radio Trinity Martini

Human beings love the number 3 and we love things that come in 3's. The Three Bears. The Three Little Pigs. The Three Stooges. The Trinity Martini takes that love & brings it into the cocktail universe. 3 simple ingredients make one great taste. Let's start counting and let's start mixing.


1 ounce of Gin

1 ounce of Dry Vermouth

1 ounce of Sweet Vermouth


  • Add the ingredients into a shaker with ice.

  • Stir. Do not shake. This is an elegant cocktail. Save your strength.

  • Strain into a martini glass.

  • Take 3 sips. Take three more. 'Finished already? Make another martini...

Grumpy Dingo Radio Trinity Martini

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