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The Grumpy Dingo Radio (Very Dry) Gin Martini

National Martini Day is celebrated on June 19th. At Grumpy Dingo Radio, everyday is National Martini Day. The Gin Martini is old. How old? Late nineteenth century-old. The ingredients are simple. The taste is classic. Hey, if the Gin Martini was good enough for Ernest Hemingway, Winston Churchill, Alfred Hitchcock and FDR, it's good enough for you. Let's get mixin'!!


2 parts London Dry Gin

1/2 part Dry Vermouth

1 olive for garnish


  • Combine the Gin and Dry Vermouth in a shaker with ice.

  • Stir the contents. DO NOT SHAKE. 'Sorry James Bond. You NEVER shake a martini.

  • Strain into a martini glass and garnish with an olive.

The Grumpy Dingo Radio (Very Dry) Gin Martini

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